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Protecting your guns from rust

AccurateShooter has an article about a couple of ways to protect your guns from rust, for instance, when storing them away for the winter. I had to put all my guns into storage for a few months earlier this year, and although I live in a relatively dry climate (California) I didn’t want to take any chances, especially since I wasn’t sure I’d get them back out before the wetter seasons. Personally, I’m too lazy/busy to coat every single metal component on every single one of my guns with some protectant, but I’m too cheap to buy nice gun socks for them all, so I ended up getting ZERUST gun bags from Creedmoor. At $4 a bag, they seemed to strike the right cost-performance point, although they are not perfect either. My main complaint with these bags is their size. They were too short for my Swedish Mauser (I ended up using two bags), and too narrow for my AR-15 (I left the butt stock sticking out). Nonetheless, if you’re lazy and cheap like me, they may be an acceptable solution.

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